Our team

Meet the team behind Fair Pensions For All, our campaign for a fair pension system that benefits everyone.

Samantha Gould

Samantha Gould

Head of PR and Campaigns

Sam has worked in the pensions sector since 2008 and is a self-confessed pensions geek.

As a single mum, she’s determined to create a fairer financial future for herself and her daughter.

Her work on the campaign to close the gender pensions gap has reached an audience of 24.1 million people and been cited in the House of Lords.

She’s also an ambassador for the CII’s Insuring Women’s Futures project and was shortlisted for the Professional Pensions Rising Star Awards 2020.

Joanne Segars

Joanne Segars

Chair of Board of Trustees

Joanne is Chair of the third-largest auto-enrolment scheme (NOW: Pensions); an asset manager (LGPS Central) and serves on L&G’s IGC and the CERN Pension Fund Board.

These roles are a culmination of Joanne’s eclectic career which includes roles within the union movement, insurance industry and creating a pensions trade association.

Joanne has been at the forefront of NOW: Pensions’ award-winning gender pensions gap work and led the Trust’s move into ESG investing.

At LGPS Central, Joanne has been helping clients to save millions in fees and helping them move into new asset classes.

Joanne has a passion for supporting the industry’s women and hopes that by being one of the (still too few) female chairs she can show other women that they, too, have what it takes.

Eleanor Levy

Eleanor Levy

As Chief Commercial Officer, Eleanor Levy is responsible for spearheading NOW: Pensions’ business development and commercial strategy across marketing, sales, product development and customer services to drive innovation.

Prior to becoming CCO, Ellie was Director of Marketing and Communications where she was responsible for strategic planning for the brand, leading on integrated communications including managing and overseeing award-winning campaigns, digital marketing and events.

Throughout this period, she played a pivotal role in developing a digital-first approach, and was shortlisted by the Women in Pensions Awards for her contribution to the industry in 2021.