My annual benefit statement

Your annual benefit statement gives you a handy yearly snapshot of your pension savings, which can help you plan for the future you want.

Want to know how much you have in your pension? Or an estimate of how much you could have when you retire?

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How you get your benefit statement

We send you a link by email with instructions for logging in and looking at your benefit statement securely online. You can also download and print a copy.

If we only have your home address, we’ll send you a letter telling you how you can log in to your benefit statement online.

We’ll send your 2019-2020 statement after 31 March 2020, and before 31 March 2021.

When do I get my benefit statement?

Please make sure we’ve got an up-to-date email and home address for you. You can update your email address once you’ve logged into your account. You can also update your home address when contacting us.

Log into your account

Already set up your benefit statement account?

  1. Go to: and enter your user ID <xxxxxx> and password. Remember, your password is case-sensitive.
    If you’ve forgotten your password, go to ‘Click reset forgotten password’ and set up a new one.
  2.  Go to the ‘Menu’ button, then ‘New Document’. Select ‘View’ to open and read your benefit statement.