Serving our members

We’re dedicated to achieving the best financial outcomes for our own members, while fighting for a fair pension system to enable all pension savers to enjoy the retirement they deserve.

Designing pensions in our members' best interests

We’ve designed our pension with one aim – to deliver good long-term outcomes for all our members.

We're proud partners of Pensions Awareness Day

Since 2019 NOW: Pensions and the Pensions Awareness Day team have joined forces to help people of all ages to understand their pension savings.

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NOW: Pensions is dedicated to creating a fairer pension system that benefits everyone

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Our policy proposals would help another 2.5 million people to start saving for their future

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Research and evidence

We work with respected independent research organisations such as the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) to fund research and gather evidence to continue our efforts to create a fairer UK pension system and lobby the government for change.

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Fair treatment for lower earners

Due to the eligibility criteria, auto enrolment can disadvantage lower earners. We’ve set up some safeguards so our members on lower earnings don’t miss out.