Manage my pension

Get your workplace pension with us up and running. Find out how to set up and log into your account, stop contributions, view your annual benefit statement and pay in extra money.

If you have a pension with us, this is because your employer has chosen NOW: Pensions as your workplace pension scheme.

Government regulations state that all employers must put their eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme and contribute to their pension savings. Your employer will put you into your workplace pension scheme as soon as you qualify to be auto enrolled.

Then you and your employer will start contributing to your pension savings.

What's next?

Logging in to your account

Your online member account gives you 24-hour secure access to your pension details, making it easy to manage your pension savings. It’s easy to get started and help is available if you need it.

Log in

You can stop your contributions to the Scheme at any time.

  • If you opt out within the first month of being enrolled – during the opt-out window – your contributions will be refunded.
  • If you stop your contributions after one month, your employer can’t refund your contributions.

Any payments you’ve made into your pension must remain invested until your retirement or until you transfer them out. These rules are set by the government and enforced by The Pensions Regulator.

How to stop contributions

If you’ve opted out or left the Scheme in the past, your employer may be required to re-enrol you. You can also re-join the Scheme at any time using your online member account.

Re-enrolment explained

What you need to know if you want to transfer your pension with us out to another scheme, or transfer other pensions in to our Scheme. We don’t charge you to transfer out.

Transfers explained

You can make additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) into your pension at any time. The more you save for your retirement, the more income you’ll have – so it makes sense to save as much as you can afford.

Make additional contributions

If you haven’t paid tax on any of your UK earnings, we promise to top up your pension savings by the amount of tax relief you’ve missed out on each tax year.

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