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We offer a simple, flexible, cost-effective workplace pension that makes it easy for employers to comply with their auto enrolment responsibilities – freeing you up to focus on the areas where you can add value by advising them.

Simple – and reassuring

We’ve designed our investment strategy to give positive outcomes over the long term. It’s reassuring and simple enough for your clients to explain to their employees, and the main message is: ‘Your money will be looked after by experienced professionals. You don’t need to make difficult choices’.

Our investment strategy

For most of a member’s working life they’ll be invested in the Diversified Growth Fund, which aims to achieve stable long-term growth by diversifying risk.

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Ten years before their target retirement age, a member’s pension savings start to be switched into the Retirement Countdown Fund.​

This fund aims to protect the value of the money built up by using cash and investments that behave like cash, such as money-market funds and short-dated bonds with low credit risk.

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Independent governance keeps your clients’ pensions safe

Our Scheme is a master trust, formally authorised and regulated by The Pensions Regulator and governed by an independent trustee board comprising well-known pensions industry figures.

We employ BNY Mellon, a leading custodian, to hold the Scheme funds in a ring-fenced account, separate from NOW: Pensions and the custodian’s own funds and company accounts.

Investment management

Our independent trustee is responsible for setting and managing the investment objectives, taking advice from professional investment advisers and delegating day-to-day management decisions to investment managers. The trustee board regularly reviews the investment objectives and decides how best to achieve them.

The trustee board has appointed Redington as our investment adviser and Cardano Risk Management Limited (‘CRML’) as our investment manager. CRML is a market leader in risk and investment management with 20 years’ experience of managing investments for pension schemes.

More about our investment manager, Cardano (CRML).

Dedicated support at the end of a phone

Our phone support team is UK-based, so your clients will always be able to talk to someone during working hours – 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We’re also happy to answer your clients’ questions by email.

Our well-trained team members have sound pensions knowledge. They’ll be able to answer your clients’ questions and deal with any issues they have.

You’ll also have access to our nationwide team of field-based relationship managers.

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