Gender pensions gap

The gender pensions gap is estimated to be over twice the size of the gender pay gap, while women’s retirement wealth averages only one-third of men’s in the UK. Three million women are missing out on workplace pensions because they don’t qualify for auto enrolment. We’re working hard to change that.

In July 2019 we published new research on pension inequality for women. Our report revealed that there are 50% more women than men heading towards retirement without any private pension savings.

Facing an unequal future - closing the gender pensions gap

Our pioneering research with the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) sets out the scale of the gender pensions gap – and how we propose to tackle it.

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Our research shows women in retirement have 72% lower pension income than men

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The auto enrolment threshold challenge

You have to earn at least £10,000 a year in a single job to qualify for auto enrolment, which excludes many people on lower incomes. What’s more, the auto enrolment minimum contribution rules mean the first £6,240 of earnings don’t count towards pension contributions.

If you work multiple part time jobs that collectively pay over £10,000 a year, you won’t be eligible for auto enrolment and will miss out on contributions from your employer.

We’ve presented policy proposals to the government that could help change this and create a fairer and more inclusive pension system.

Our fight to help close the gender pensions gap

We’ve presented five policy proposals to the government to help close the gender pensions gap.


Remove the £10,000 earnings ‘trigger’ for auto enrolment


Remove the lower earnings limit


Introduce a ‘family carer’s top-up’


Include pensions in divorce settlements


Make more lower-cost childcare available

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What does the gender pensions gap mean for women today?

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