Gender pensions gap

The gender pensions gap is estimated to be more than twice the size of the gender pay gap, while women’s retirement wealth averages only one-third of men’s in the UK. We’re working hard to change that.

We want to close the gender pensions gap for good

Our research

Our pioneering research with the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) sets out the scale of the gender pensions gap – and how we propose to tackle it.

Around 3 million women in the UK are currently locked out of workplace pension saving. Even those who can save are reaching retirement with a pension pot £136,800 less than men on average.

In our latest report, we explore what’s causing the gap and what women can do right now to secure their financial futures.

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Our 2019 report reveals that there are 50% more women than men heading towards retirement without any private pension savings.

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The gender pensions gap in numbers

Infographic text reads in order for women to retire at age 65 with the same income as men they would need to work from age fourChart showing men's pension wealth at retirement age (£205,800) compared with divorced women's (£26,100)

Pensions for girls

We asked several girls what they thought a pension was and how it works. Their answers were funny, sad and surprising – and provide food for thought for all generations.

GLAMOUR magazine and NOW: Pensions - pension partners

We’ve joined forces with GLAMOUR magazine, providing pensions guidance and support in its regular Money Matters column.

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