Employers’ responsibilities

You’ll need to set up a workplace pension and auto enrol your eligible employees. We have lots of resources to help you do this.

Assessing and enrolling employees, processing contributions correctly and on time, sending communications by the deadlines and reporting to The Pensions Regulator – find out more here.

What are my legal duties?

We’ll walk you through the steps you need to get your workplace pension up and running on our system, so you can meet your auto enrolment obligations.

How to set up your workplace pension

Our range of flexible contribution models (Scheme tiers) enable you to set contribution rates that suit the needs of your business, from the minimum required to more generous levels.

Our contribution models

This is the contract we have with all the employers who are part of our master trust and it defines the terms of participation in our Scheme. It sets out the charges you pay as an employer, your payment schedule, the services we offer, and the charges your members pay.

Latest participation agreement

Interested in setting up a workplace pension with us?

Our straightforward, compliant pension scheme is designed to be easy to understand, set up and use for you and your employees.

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