Simple, secure administration

We offer an online solution for managing your workplace pension that’s secure and straightforward to use, giving you control over your workplace pension and your employees easy, personalised access to their pension savings.

Managing your pension online

When you set up your workplace pension account you’ll get access to Gateway, our secure online system.
Gateway puts you in complete control of your workplace pension. You’ll use it to:

  • upload your payroll files
  • add and manage multiple payrolls
  • manage employees opting in and out
  • keep track of statutory employee communications and member records.

How Gateway makes administration easy

Gateway automatically creates pay periods for you when you upload your first file. These will be 1-12 for a monthly payroll or 1-52 for a weekly payroll. You can edit your pay periods by clicking on ‘Edit schedule’.

For example: if you have a week 53 in your year and you don’t have a pay period for it, you can add a week 53 using ‘Edit schedule’.

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Gateway is designed to help you check your payroll files for errors. When you upload a file, Gateway will immediately flag anything it thinks is an error, enabling you to check and correct the file before you send it to us.

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Under the ‘employee’ tab you can see details for all your employees, including contract IDs and any statutory communications we’ve sent to them, with dates. Gateway will update our records if there are changes to an employee’s details, all you need to do is update your payroll with the changes before you generate a file to upload.

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Before you run each payroll you can download an Employee Action File. This shows whether any employees have opted out or in, or chosen to make or change Additional Voluntary Contributions, enabling you to take any action you need to before the next payroll run.

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Benefits for employees

Gateway also offers your employees a secure personal account they can use to manage their pension savings.

Manage my pension

You can choose to use our communication service for your employees when you sign up.

Our statutory communications are clear, concise and easy to understand and act on.

We manage your member communications