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Your secure online member account gives you 24/7 access to your pension savings account, via PC, mobile or laptop.  It’s easy to get started.

Getting started with your pension saving

If you’ve started work with an employer that uses our Scheme as its workplace pension, you’ll get an email or letter explaining how to set up your online member account.

This will have your NOW: Pensions contract ID, which is usually four letters plus 12 digits (for example, NPLT 0000-0000-0000). You’ll need this to activate your account.

Find your online member account

Log in, enter your NOW: Pensions contract ID, date of birth (in the format DD/MM/YYYY) and select ‘Find my account’.

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Contact us if you need a hand to log in

Remember to have your name, address and National Insurance number handy – this will help us to help you faster.

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Email addresses and your account

By default your account will be set up with your work email address (this is where you will receive your activation email containing your NOW: Pensions contract ID), but we recommend you change this to a personal email address to manage your account moving forwards.

Doing this means that if you leave your current employer we will be able to contact you via your personal email address and keep you up to date with your pension.

Your contributions must be collected and recorded accurately before they can be invested. This process takes time, so your contributions don’t show up in your pension savings until up to 30 days after they’ve been paid.

You can check your latest fund value summary in your online member account.

How we invest your savings