Useful information for your employees

Our online help centre has a wealth of useful information to help your employees navigate their pension savings.

A secure online personal account

Each employee enrolled in the Scheme gets their own secure online personal account they can use to manage their pension savings.

They can use their account to:

  • check the value of their pension savings at any time
  • update their contact details quickly and easily pay additional voluntary contributions to build up more pension savings
  • opt out of the Scheme (within the one-month opt-out window) and receive a refund of employee contributions
  • cease contributions by opting out at any time outside of the opt-out window
  • opt into the Scheme.

An annual benefit statement

Every year, each employee who has benefits in the Scheme gets an annual benefit statement. This clearly sets out:

  • how much money they’ve built up in their pension savings
  • the contributions they, and you as their employer, have paid
  • how investment has affected the value of their pension savings
  • the costs and charges they’ve incurred during the year, and
  • how much they could have at their retirement age, if they stay in the Scheme
  • what they could do to save more.