Clear, competitive charges

We like to keep things simple and this applies to our charges as much as to everything else.

We also believe our charges, for employers and employees, are among the most cost-effective in the industry.

Employer monthly service charges

We’ve kept these simple. They depend on:

  • how many active members are enrolled into your workplace pension
  • whether you work directly with us, or with a payroll bureau.

There’s a significant discount if you use a payroll bureau compared to working with us directly. This reflects the considerable amount of support payroll bureaus provide with auto enrolment administration.

Our employer service charge is just £36 a month when you work directly with us. If you’re using the services of a payroll bureau to manage your payroll and provide us with data, the monthly employer service charge starts at £12.50.

Employer charges at a glance

Number of active members Monthly charge Discount
Employer working directly with NOW: Pensions Any £36.00 + VAT 0%
Employer with payroll bureau using NOW: Pensions Gateway 1-4 £12.50 + VAT 65%
Employer with payroll bureau using NOW: Pensions Gateway 5 and over £20.00 + VAT 44%
Any employer 0 £0 100%

We don’t charge any set-up fees.

If you want to discuss any aspects of our charging structure, please contact us.

Member charges at a glance

Charge For Amount
Administration Running the Scheme £1.50 a month – £18 a year
Investment management Investing the money in the Scheme 0.3% of value of pension savings each year

If an employee stops contributing to the Scheme the charges continue to apply. It may be sensible for these employees to either transfer their pension savings in from another provider or out so the charges don’t eat away their pension savings.

We don’t charge employees to transfer their savings out.

Increase in member fees and charging limit

From 1st April 2022, we’re increasing member administration charges from £1.50 per month for each member to £1.75. This will increase the annual charge from £18 to £21, an increase of £3 a year overall.

We’re also introducing a charging limit, which means that if any members have £100.00 or less in their pension savings, we won’t charge them a monthly administration fee. This will help prevent the value of members’ savings being eroded by charges. Partial deductions will be made to the member’s savings account where required so that the fee does not decrease the account below £100.

We’ve varied your Participation Agreement to reflect these and other changes (we’ve already contacted you about this) and you’ll need to let your employees know too. For more information, download the Varied Participation Agreement.

The benefits of NOW: Pensions

A dedicated UK-based client support team offering all the help you need including step-by-step guidance in setting up your workplace pension.

24/7 access to your online account where you can quickly and easily upload your Scheme and employee details.

A choice of Scheme tiers (contribution models) to suit your business - whatever size it is.

Clear auto enrolment communications that meet statutory requirements, sent to your employees by email.

Member charges – simple, transparent and fair

We split member charges into two categories to spread the costs fairly across all members and make it easier to understand what they’re paying for.