Campaigning for the underpensioned

We examine the pension savings gaps for the most financially at-risk groups in our society – from carers and single parents to part-time workers and disabled people.

Since our last published report two years ago, the pension wealth gap has worsened. Underpensioned groups are retiring with 85% less than the UK average.

We are proposing two key policy changes that will help these groups increase pension wealth by an average of 30-52%.

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Underpensioned groups are reaching retirement age with a pension wealth approximately 15% of the UK average.

Our policy proposals would help get a further 2.5 million involved with pension saving, generating an additional £1.2 billion in annual pension contributions.

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Our fight to make pensions fairer for all

We’ve presented five policy proposals to the government to make pensions fairer for all.


Remove the £10,000 earnings ‘trigger’ for auto enrolment


Remove the lower earnings limit


Introduce a ‘family carer’s top-up’


Include pensions in divorce settlements


Make more lower-cost childcare available

Since it was introduce exactly ten years ago, auto enrolment has transformed how millions of people in the UK save for their pension. Yet for far too many in our society, a comfortable retirement remains out of reach, usually through no fault of their own. At NOW: Pensions, our mission is to fight for a fair pension system that enables everyone to get the retirement they deserve.
Joanne Seagers
Chair of Trustees,
NOW: Pensions
Automatic enrolment has brought many more in underpensioned groups into pension saving, but they remain disproportionately ineligible. The current economic climate could exacerbate the underpensioned gap, making it more challenging to implement further policies to narrow the gap in the short term, but it is important that the underpensioned challenge is approached with a long term view.
Lauren Wilkinson
Senior Policy Researcher
Pension Policy Institute
The underpensioned challenge is long term by nature, and we need to find practical solutions which will help those who need it most. In the face of economic uncertainty and a global cost of living crisis, it would be easy to say that we have other prioritise but we are urging the government and policymakers to close these savings gaps and create a fairer pension system.
Samantha Gould
Head of PR and Campaigns
NOW: Pensions