Workplace pension staging/duties start date

All employers have a date when their auto enrolment duties apply. This is known as your staging date. You will receive a letter from The Pensions Regulator  letting you know when your staging date is.

Any business that employed staff on or after 1 October 2017 has auto enrolment duties as soon as they employ someone for the first time. This is known as the “duties start date”. These businesses do not have staging dates.

Can I set up a workplace pension scheme before my staging/duties start date?

Yes, you can set up  a workplace pension scheme ahead of your auto enrolment staging/duties start date. Find more details here

Can I postpone my staging/duties start date?

You can postpone auto enrolment for up to three months but your staging/duties start date will remain the same. If you do decide to postpone, you must still inform staff and be prepared to accept anyone that wants to opt in.

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