Choose your savings style and we’ll tell you your favourite 90s toy

Can understanding how you save help you grow your pensions savings? We’ve been inspired by the recent Pension Attention campaign to take a trip down memory lane and find out if your pension savings style matches your favourite 90s toy!

So, do you save like a robot dog, a classic slinky, an out-of-this world alien or a pair of rollerblades? Read on to find out… 

Are you a super spender? 

Robot dog

Like a robot dog you’re reward-motivated, expensive and love to treat yourself whenever you can. You might think retirement is a long way off and would rather enjoy your money in the here and now. But, neglecting your pension may only cause more issues down the line. Ask yourself if you could keep up the lifestyle you’re used to in retirement on State Pension alone. 

Super spender takeaway

Saving a little now can make a big difference at retirement. Pensions are a great way to save for the future because of the tax relief given to pension contributions. Learn more about how pensions work on our Pension basics page.

If you’re not contributing to a workplace pension think about opting in or joining. Ask your employer how. 

If you’re paying in already, then congratulations – you’re on the right track. If the time’s right, consider increasing your contributions to give yourself a bigger income when you retire. If you’re saving with NOW: Pensions, you can do this on Gateway. Find out how – here’s more about additional voluntary contributions.

Are you a saver/spender?


Like a slinky you stretch between spending and saving. You’re less impulsive and more cautious than the robot dog so you save into a workplace pension – but probably only the minimum amount. 

Spender/saver takeaway

Did you know you can increase your pension contributions over the 8% minimum? Having pension contributions taken straight out of your pay can help you budget because it takes away the temptation to spend. And of course, you’ll have more savings when you retire.

Knowing the value of your pension will help you plan what your retirement might look like. Keep an eye out for your annual benefit statement and check out the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s Retirement Living Standards too. 

Never saved?

Inflatable alien

If pensions, saving and investing is an ‘alien’ concept to you then you’re in the right place. If you don’t understand where your money could end up then you won’t be able to plan effectively for your retirement. Learning about pensions can be daunting but it’s important.

Watch our intro video to learn the basics of pensions.

Never saved takeaway

You may have pensions you’re not aware of. Having multiple pensions with different providers may mean you’re paying extra charges. Putting all your pensions in one place could save you money. If you’ve lost track of any pensions you can:

  • go through old paperwork to find the name of your old pension provider. Email them to find out more about your savings – they’ll be pleased to hear from you!
  • contact the company you used to work for to track down a lost workplace pension

Are you a supersaver?


Rollerblades are fun and can help you go further, faster. You’re on top of your pension savings game, thinking about tomorrow and not just living for today. You know paying in more now will be worth it in retirement. After all, have you ever met someone who told you they had too much money in retirement?

Supersaver takeaway

You’re on the right track! Make sure you keep looking at your annual benefit statement. Consider how you’ll take your pension in retirement carefully. Find out more about your retirement.

Enough playing around – here’s what we’re doing to make fair pensions for all

The pension wealth gap has worsened since 2020. That’s according to our latest report with the Pension Policy Institute. Over 8.6 million people from underpensioned groups are now missing out on workplace pension savings.

We’re lobbying government and campaigning for change to help the most vulnerable and excluded people save for retirement.

Find out more at Fair Pensions for All.