The pandemic and pensions inequality

Inequalities in the pension system mean that millions of people are missing out when they retire.

300,000 more women have missed out on a workplace pension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From carers to single parents, NOW: Pensions’ Pandemic and pensions report 2021′ looks at the impact COVID-19 has had on the most financially at-risk groups in our society.

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Jason, full-time worker

“In other aspects of my life I have been treated unfairly and I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone, not now and not when they retire. The closer we can get to equality, even in small things like pensions, the more equal the world is.”

Catherine, multiple jobholder, single mum and carer

“Of course I worry about the future, but as of now my current financial situation is much more important so I often just live day to day, month to month.”

Steve, gig-worker

“Get in there as soon as you can. It’s a no brainer when somebody is giving you free money, when they are willing to chip in 5 or even 8% on top. So to lose out on that just seems very foolish.”