Amber Rudd gives green light for the pensions dashboard

Adrian Boulding, Director of Policy at NOW: Pensions said: “Auto enrolment has boosted the ranks of pension savers with 10 million more people saving. Giving these savers the ability to view all their disparate pension savings in one place has never been more important.

“The pensions dashboard has the potential to fundamentally change the way people think, feel and interact with their pension savings. But, simply providing a window to view savings isn’t enough.

“To tackle the growing challenge of small pension pots, the dashboard needs to be built with the functionality to allow savers to easily consolidate their smallest pots with a simple ‘drag and drop’.

“The dashboard will only work if it provides a genuinely holistic view of the entirety of an individual’s pension entitlements, including the State Pension. 

“We strongly believe that the dashboard should be compulsory and hope the Government can navigate this legislation speedily through the current choppy water in Parliament.”