Your Participation Agreement

Your Participation Agreement is your contract with us. We have a contract with all the employers who are part of our master trust and the agreement defines the terms of participation in our Scheme.

Notification of amendments

Your current Participation Agreement is amended to Participation Agreement v.7. This change will take effect from 15 July 2024 or from such later date as we select. We will inform you via the website and by email if a later date applies.

The Participation Agreement v.7 shall be deemed to have the following details inserted into it from your current Participation Agreement:

  • all details required for the Participation Agreement Page within now:u
  • the Employer Contribution Models
  • the Employer Fees
  • the Member Fees
  • the original signatories’ names and dates of signature.


Download the latest Participation Agreement

Please make sure you download and save a copy of the Participation Agreement v.7 for your records.

Download the Participation Agreement v.7

Changes to the Participation Agreement

There have been a number of material changes to the Participation Agreement in v.7 which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • the introduction of more investment options;
  • the implementation of now:u, our new self-service platform; and
  • clarifying changes to the data protection provisions.

Other non-material changes have been made and we recommend you review the Participation Agreement v.7 in full.

This notification is provided in accordance with Clause 3.1 in the Participation Agreement and the changes will take effect on the date set out above, or from such later date as we select. We will inform you via the website and by email if a later date applies. Please note that expressions used in this notification have the meaning as set out in the Participation Agreement v.7.

The vast majority of employers are on the latest version of the contract, Participation Agreement v.6. A very small number of employers are signed up to a different version of the Participation Agreement than the version shown on the website. Different versions, such as early or bespoke versions of the Participation Agreement, may include specific provisions on how your Participation Agreement can be changed. If you’re currently on a different version of the Participation Agreement, please note that these changes will be effective unless and to the extent your version of the Participation Agreement expressly prohibits or prevents such changes being made.

See previous changes to your Participation Agreement.