Our investment strategy – the driving force behind a comfortable retirement

The NOW: Pensions investment strategy has been developed over a number of years. During the growth phase, contributions are invested in our Diversified Growth Fund which actively adopts a risk-managed approach.

As retirement approaches, funds are gradually switched towards our Retirement Countdown Fund which is designed to reduce the overall risk exposure.

“The team think deeply about portfolio construction and risk factor correlations. Particular attention is paid to volatility and stress scenarios where they use expected shortfall to measure risk.” – Redington

Clear objective – We aim to provide an investment solution that represents good value and secures good outcomes for members over the long term. We aim to achieve this by seeking to optimise returns relative to the risk taken.

Straightforward strategy – We work on the principle that over the long term, diversification of assets provides higher risk adjusted returns.  This approach provides an effective form of protection because in normal markets, assets with different return characteristics behave in different ways.

Simple choice – Members are not asked to make any investment decisions. Instead, the NOW: Pensions Trustee Board shoulders responsibility for the investment strategy.  We believe this approach is beneficial to the long term well-being of our members who appreciate the reassurance of knowing that someone else is managing their investments and taking responsibility for their long-term savings needs.

Change of investment manager to Cardano Risk Management –  June 2019

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NOW: Pensions has a good technical infrastructure combined with a pension product suitable for our team. We couldn’t be happier with NOW: Pensions.
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