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Our new pension proposition and platform, now:u, makes life simple for both employers and their employees. Developed as an ‘app first’ solution, now:u gives members what they want, when they want it, in everyday no-nonsense language.

Watch our video to hear CEO Patrick Luthi and deputy CEO Claire Bowyer share the now:u strategy that’s shaping the future of now:pensions.

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We’re a master trust looking after the pension savings of over 2.4 million members on behalf of tens of thousands of employers from a wide range of industries.

We’re part of the Cardano Group, a market-leader in providing risk and investment management services, with assets under management of £50 billion.

By highlighting inequalities and campaigning for change, we’re helping people to save and get the retirement outcomes they deserve.

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Our webinar series features international experts who have pioneered pensions in their field of expertise. Stay on top of industry trends and discuss challenges and opportunities with our guests.

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We have vast experience of dealing with complex schemes and have always been a key player in the gig economy. More than 100,000 Uber drivers are now saving into a pension with us.

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