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At NOW: Pensions we believe that our flexibility on scheme design and modular proposition is exactly what you, as an adviser, are looking to offer your clients. Our flexible approach means that you can pick and choose which features you would like us to provide to your clients and which ones you would like to manage yourself. One example of this is our ability to provide either a complete communications solution to your clients’ employees; or let you and your client manage this.

  • NOW: Pensions has purposely developed simple solutions to support employers in meeting their duties under auto enrolment, and ensure that their employees understand the benefits that they are providing.
  • We can support you throughout the implementation of your clients’ company pension scheme, providing a tailored solution that gives you as much or as little involvement as your clients require.
  • Our proven investment strategy is designed to provide long term growth with low volatility. NOW: Pensions is replicating ATP’s ethos of delivering solid performance to virtually the entire Danish working population for the past 45 years. ATP is our fund manager.
  • We can assess your clients’ entire payrolls, identifying all eligible and non-eligible jobholders, and gladly contact all categories of jobholders to ensure that they are fully compliant. Furthermore, you and your clients can gain access to our technology solutions so that we can integrate your clients’ data seamlessly with our systems.
  • We will automatically enrol everyone your clients need us to so that they have the comfort that they have met their duties and can liaise with any non-eligible jobholders who wish to join.
  • We will provide you and your clients with all of the information they need to fulfil their auto enrolment reporting obligations to the Pensions Regulator.

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NOW: Pensions is supportive, easy for our employees to understand and uncomplicated in terms of its implementation. Its structured approach removes the complicated investment choices & makes auto-enrolment a straightforward and simple process. — Mark Manaton, Managing Director, Blue Arrow Group
Over a short period of time, NOW: Pensions has established itself as a respected and credible player in the UK workplace pensions market attracting thousands of employers and hundreds of thousands of members. Joining the team at such a crucial time… — Jocelyn Blackwell, Founder of Dunnett Shaw and Raising Standards in Pensions Administration
ATP comes to the UK pensions world with the highest commendations from the Danish trade unions, employers and government. NOW: Pensions' offering in the UK will be high quality, low cost, and honest and I'm proud to be associated with it. — John Monks, member of House of Lords and former General Secretary of ETUC and TUC
I firmly believe in NOW: Pensions' principle that everyone deserves the right to a better retirement. I look forward to being part of the team which aims to achieve this in the UK. — Win Robbins, former Head of European Fixed Income Barclays Global Investors
NOW: Pensions' risk management and diversified growth fund are state of the art. — Win Robbins, former Head of European Fixed Income Barclays Global Investors