Transferring into NOW: Pensions

If you have been working for a few years it’s possible that you have more than one pension pot already and you may find your savings are easier to manage when they are all in one trusted place.

We accept transfers from other providers free of charge and aim to make the process as simple as possible. There are some good reasons to consider transferring into NOW: Pensions:

transferring into NOW: Pensions

Before transferring any pension savings, make sure you fully understand the implications or speak to a financial adviser. You may be giving up certain benefits if you transfer a final salary pension or if you hold certain types of investments.

There is no guarantee that you will end up with more savings or better pension income if you transfer.

You can find out more about transferring pensions at the Money Advice Service and The Pensions Advisory Service.

To find a financial adviser, visit or the Money Advice Service

If you would like to know how to transfer other pension savings into your NOW: Pension call us on 0330 100 3334.

NOW: Pensions has a good technical infrastructure combined with a pension product suitable for our team. We couldn’t be happier with NOW: Pensions.
Martin Woods,