Client stories – Knapton Wright

The team at Knapton Wright, December 2018

Knapton Wright is a social media marketing consultancy in Lincolnshire formed by Alex and Louise Wright in 2014. It evolved over the past four years into a creative marketing agency, working with SMEs locally, regionally and nationally, with a handful of clients in the USA.

Alex spent three and a half years working at Facebook, then one of the leading performance advertising agencies, before setting up his own business. Moving to an unfamiliar area with very few business connections meant that Alex has had to build the business from the ground up and has found the support of his growing network vital in not only generating revenue, but also guiding him through some of the minefield of the start-up business world.

We recently asked Knapton Wright a few questions about their auto enrolment journey with NOW: Pensions.

Q: Why did you select NOW: Pensions as your auto enrolment provider?

Knapton Wright is focused on building exceptional relationships, with clients, with suppliers and, crucially, with its employees, which is why a scalable, easy to use workplace pension is essential to our growth. If you look after your staff, they look after you and Alex often uses the phrase: “happy chickens lay more eggs!”

If Knapton Wright can give its employees the best possible support at a level the business can afford now and moving forwards, it is hoped that the employees will remain loyal and be much more than employees, which is crucial in a small team.

Q: Describe your company’s experience complying with auto enrolment. What did you find the easiest and what was most difficult?

It was all quite straightforward with help from our accountant, but there did seem to be a lot of letters and paperwork to hand out to members of staff.

Q: What are the three words you would use to describe your experience dealing with NOW: Pensions?

Communicative, simple, reassuring.