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I have validation issues with payroll configuration

To solve validation issues when uploading payroll data to the NOW: Pensions Gateway, specifically the error: ‘The combination of ER CODE, PAY CODE, PAYPERIOD, PAYFREQ and PAYSTART does not match the Payroll configuration’, please follow the steps below.

This error can be easily resolved by ensuring that the pay period start date on the portal is the same as the pay period start date on your input file.


On the portal you set up pay period 1 with a pay period start date of 01/01/2020, however, on your payroll file the pay period start date is 06/01/2020. You just need to open the relevant pay period, amend the pay period start date to 06/01/2020, and click save.

Once you have completed the amendments  you will be able to import your file successfully.

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