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A guide to setting up PDF communications in your bureau microsite

If your client doesn’t have email addresses for some or all of their employees then they have the option to have their communications delivered to a generic business email address, as a PDF, for forwarding on, by them, to their employees within the statutory timescales (6 weeks).

This Help Centre article will guide you through the PDF communications setup in your Payroll Bureau microsite. This option will eliminate the print and post cost your client would incur for having communications delivered by post to their employees. Those employees that have provided email addresses will continue to receive statutory auto enrolment communications direct to their email accounts, as this remains the most efficient delivery method.

Step 1
Logging In

First, log in to your Payroll Bureau microsite using the login name and password details.

Step 2
Logged in


Once logged in, click on 'Company Details' on the left hand menu. If ‘Company Details’ is not shown on the left hand menu, click on ‘Reference Data’ and scroll down until you see ‘Company Details’.

Step 3
Company Selection


Select the company that would like to switch PDF communications on within the Company Details List and click ‘Open’. If you are a payroll bureau managing company sites on behalf of your clients, you must first confirm with the employer that they are happy to turn on this facility and have the employer provide you with the email address at their organisation that they want to use for PDF delivery. You will need to repeat this process for all relevant clients.

Step 4
Email PDF attachments


Select the ‘Use emailed PDF attachments for employees without an email address held on the Employer Portal’ by ticking the box.

Step 5
Enter Business Email Address


Enter the generic business email address your client has chosen to receive the PDF communications and click save. We recommend that your client’s associated inbox is checked daily to ensure that employees’ communications are forwarded on to the relevant employees as soon as possible, and within the statutory timescales.

Step 6
Save Your Changes


After you click save, the ‘Your changes have been saved’ message will appear.

Step 7
Example of email sent from NOW: Pensions


Click on the icon to see an example of what an email sent from NOW: Pensions to your client’s generic email address will look like for an employee without an email address. This will allow your client to see at a glance the name of the employee and the type of communication attached. Each separate PDF communication will be delivered to your clients generic email address individually instead of all documents being sent as a batch, making it easier for your client to identify which employee should receive the communication.

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