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Why is there a pay period 53 and what do I need to do?

If you run a weekly, 2-weekly or 4-weekly payroll you might find you need to complete an additional pay period after week 52 to finish your PAYE tax year. There may also be a pay period 54 (fortnightly pay) and pay period 56 (4 weekly pay).

If your normal repeating pay period falls on the 5th April or 4th April on a leap year, you will have to complete the additional pay period for your tax year to be complete – even though this might only be one or two days.

Once you have submitted pay period 53, you can then select ‘Edit schedule’ – which can be found on the payroll page under the dates for your next expected file submission – to manipulate pay period 1 to match the dates to your payroll structure.

Monthly payrolls aren’t affected by this.

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