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What happens to my pension savings if I die before retirement?

Fill in an expression of wish form to say who you’d like your pension savings to go to if you die before you take them.

The Scheme Trustee has the final say over who gets your pension savings. This means your beneficiaries can be paid without inheritance tax.

You can ask the Trustee to pay the money to particular people by naming them on your expression of wish form.

You can name anyone you like – they don’t have to be related to you. It doesn’t have to be people, either. You can name organisations such as charities.

The Trustee doesn’t have to follow your wishes, but it usually will unless there’s a good reason not to Your form will help the Trustee to make its decision. The Trustee will also take your final will into account.

Download an expression of wish form here. Once you’ve filled your form in, post it back to us at: NOW: Pensions Post Handling Centre, St James’ Tower, 7 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4DZ.

Or, scan your form and email it to:

Once you’ve filled in your expression of wish form, you should remember to update it every so often – especially if there’s a change to your personal circumstances such as:

  • you get married or enter a civil partnership
  • you get divorced or dissolve a civil partnership
  • you have or adopt a child
  • one of the people you’ve named on your form dies.

Whenever you send in a new expression of wish form, it will replace any old ones you’ve sent in before. So each time you complete a form you will need to list everyone you want to benefit from your pension savings.

Expression of Wish Form

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