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How can an employee opt out?

Following government legislation, every employee has one calendar month after being auto enrolled into a workplace pension scheme, where they can choose to opt out. An employee can also opt out outside this period, but may not be eligible for a short service refund.

We’ve created a short video which explains the importance of having a pension. So before you decide to opt out, please take a look at the video. It will help you understand more about the benefits of auto enrolment and how saving a little now can make a difference in the future. Watch the video.

Our our member booklet also provides more information about NOW: Pensions, how your workplace pension works and how we aim to grow your pension savings.

If you still want to opt out, then click on the link below. Remember, you can opt back in at any time to start saving for your future, just speak to your employer.

Once you have completed the opt-out process. We’ll send a confirmation of your request.

On 1 October 2015, legislation changed and employees wanting to request a short service refund may no longer be eligible to do so. Find out more here.


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