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Step by step guide to employee engagement

Imagine someone took money from your bank account and you didn’t know why, you’d be worried and contact your bank immediately. That’s exactly how your workers will feel if money is taken from their pay and they haven’t been told this might happen. To reassure your workforce it’s important to communicate with them before your staging date, because enrolment letters are only issued AFTER the payroll has been completed and money taken from your workers’ pay.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to how you can make sure that you and your workers are ready.

In the 3 months before your staging date

  • Use our posters around the workplace and add your staging date so workers know when it’s happening and know that you’ve selected NOW: Pensions.
  • Use our template letter to contact all workers. Legally it’s your responsibility to make sure that the required communications reach your workers, so by sending this introductory letter you’ll not only be able to check that your data is up to date but you can also collect personal email addresses from your workers which will make issuing the required communication much easier and quicker.
  • Decide who will be responsible for the pension and login to provide us with the data for each payroll period.
  • Decide how you will assess your workers’ eligibility to be enrolled into the pension. You may want to upgrade your payroll software, so prepare for this now.

1 month before your staging date

  • Consider having a meeting or making a presentation to staff to let them know the basics of auto enrolment, the benefits of pension saving and what it means for them.
  • Use our file validator to check that your payroll information doesn’t have any issues.

At your staging/duties start date

  • From this date you have 6 weeks (legal requirement) to contact your workers with the required communications. If you’ve asked us to issue the communications for you, all you need to do is make sure to provide us with the files, it’s common for the first files to need some adjustment, and our systems will highlight any issues for you. If you followed our previous advice and used our file checker, then any issues have probably been resolved already!

After your staging/duties start date

Keep managing your pension by sending us your data and also checking the reports we provide to see if any of your workers have opted in or out, and we’ll keep sending out the required communications. That means we’ll issue any enrolment, postponement and invitation to join letters and also confirm to employees when they ask to opt in or opt out.

Once your workers become members of our scheme they will be contacting us directly.

Finally, don’t forget to tell us when workers leave as they’ll need to know what happens next with their pension, we send this communication to them directly once you’ve provided us with their leaving date.

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