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How can an employee opt out?

In line with government legislation, every employee has one calendar month after being auto enrolled into a workplace pension scheme, where they can choose to opt out.

We’ll send you an enrolment notice to tell you that you’re a member of the NOW: Pensions Trust (‘the Scheme’) and the deadline to opt out. You can’t opt out before you’ve received this notice.

Opt out online

The quickest and easiest way to stop contributions is via your online member account. Simply log in and follow the instructions on screen.

You’ll need to activate your account first if you haven’t already done this. You’ll just need your NOW: Pensions ID number and your date of birth.

During your opt-out period your Gateway member account will show how many days you have left to opt out.

We also explain each step here.

Alternatively, you can contact our member support team by emailing or by calling 0330 100 3334 discuss your options.

Once you have completed the opt-out process. We’ll send a confirmation of your request.

Outside the one-month opt-out period

You can also leave outside this period, but you may not be eligible for a short service refund. See below for more information about this.

You can choose to stop contributing to the Scheme at any time, but if you stay in, you’ll have your own pension when you retire. Your employer will also stop paying contributions.

You can opt out as if you’d never been a member and receive a refund of any contributions you’ve paid. Your employer will refund your contributions through the payroll.

If you leave after this date, any payments you’ve made into your pension will remain invested until your retirement or until you transfer them to another pension provider.

Opting back in

You can restart payments into the Scheme at any time, simply by asking your employer to put you back into the Scheme.

Short service refunds

On 1 October 2015, legislation changed and employees wanting to request a short service refund may no longer be eligible to do so. Find out more here.

The importance of pension saving

We’ve created a short video which explains the importance of having a pension. So before you decide to opt out, please take a look at the video. It will help you understand more about the benefits of auto enrolment and how saving a little now can make a difference in the future. Watch the video.

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