Money Marketing Wired Webinar 2014

Event: Money Marketing Wired Webinar 2014 - 8th October


Location: Online

Wednesday, the 8th of October 2014

9:30 Session One: Is auto enrolment at risk of falling over?

  • While all eyes are on the Budget reforms and the prospect of collective DC, what is the true picture of auto enrolment compliance? Are politicians fiddling while auto enrolment burns?
  • Are providers cherry picking auto enrolment business? To what extent is lack of choice a problem for SMEs?
  • How to tackle non-compliance – does TPR need to come down hard on those who don’t comply?

10:30 Session Two: Charging for auto-enrolment advice

  • Was the Government right to introduce a 0.75 per cent charge cap? Should the Government go further?
  • Will the charge cap protect members from poor outcomes? What is the role of good governance in protecting scheme members?

11:30 Session Three: Auto enrolment and the SME market

  • Payroll vs middleware – are payroll providers ready? What are the challenges for firms offering ‘middleware’ solutions? Should providers charge employers separately for this service?
  • How to overcome the capacity crunch – can providers cope with demand from small firms? Will most small firms simply go through Nest?

12:30 Session Four: What next for auto enrolment?

  • What are the options post-2018, e.g. compulsion, auto escalation, increasing minimum contributions
  • What are the risks of raising contributions – will people opt-out?
  • Should more people be included in auto-enrolment?
  • Simplification – does Government need to make compliance easier for small companies?

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