A change of investment manager

We are happy to announce that on 7th June 2019, Cardano Risk Management Ltd (CRML) took over from NOW: Pensions Investment (NPI) as investment manager of NOW: Pensions’ Scheme assets. The change of investment manager was approved by the Trustee Board after in-depth due diligence.

This follows our announcement in February 2019 that the Cardano Group has agreed to acquire NOW: Pensions Limited from ATP.

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes in preparation for this change, so much so, that it will be almost impossible to see where the old manager finishes and the new one starts. So, rest assured, there is nothing you need to do.

The CRML investment philosophy is very similar to that of NPI and there won’t be any change of investment design. The Diversified Growth Fund in particular, will continue to be managed with the same all-weather approach.

Please visit our FAQs, if you want more information.


NOW: Pensions has a good technical infrastructure combined with a pension product suitable for our team. We couldn’t be happier with NOW: Pensions.
Martin Woods, SALT.agency