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The gender pensions gap is something that we have been campaigning on for some time. We were excited to host an exciting conference on the 4th November looking at solutions to closing the gender pensions gap.

Part time pensions penalty
The biggest cause of the gender pensions gap is due to differing working patterns between men and women. Women either take career breaks which results in no pension contributions, or they reduce their hours which means they might not hit the £10k auto enrolment trigger, again missing out on vital pension contributions.

So, how do we get mothers back into work given that the cost of childcare is now greater than the average mortgage?

NEW research commissioned by NOW: Pensions reveals that the “nursery of granny and grandad” saves UK parents over £22.5bn per year in part-time childcare costs. Our research reveals that despite nine in ten mothers (91%) wanting to return to work over 69% considered not returning because of childcare costs. As a result, UK grandparents are aiding mothers to go back to full-time work.

On this page you will find our research and press release, along with case study videos and interviews with some of our expert panellists on the day.


Highlights: See the best moments from the event

Watch our video showcasing the highlights of the day below:

Press Release

Read our latest press release, The “Nursery of Granny and Grandad” Saves UK Parents Over £22.5bn Per Year In Part-Time Childcare Costs (released in conjunction with our ‘Closing the gender pensions gap event’) here.



Spotlight: Cuckooz Nest


Cuckooz Nest is a hybrid workspace. They allow parents to be close enough to breastfeed their children or read them a story. In terms of childcare, they offer more flexible hours and host fewer children than traditional nurseries.  Cuckooz Nest provide a community of like-minded coworkers, a place free from home distractions, while helping to assuage the guilt a new parent can feel when putting their child into day-care. They allow transition seamlessly between work and life empowering parents to pursue big careers without compromising parenthood.

At NOW: Pensions, we fully support the initiative taken by the co-founders, and business as a whole; we’re excited to see developments made as Cuckooz Nest continues to grow.


Fabienne O’Neill
Co-Founder and Director, Cuckooz Nest

Fabienne started her career in 2008 in London, working for one of the largest global publishing and events companies. In the early years of her career Fabienne worked on key UK Property & Construction events that lead the way in fields such as regeneration and residential development. In her later years at UBM, Fabienne was directing Sleep and The European Hotel Design Awards and had the great pleasure of welcoming leaders and trend setters within the hotels sector.

Since 2014 Fabienne has run leading global events in Paris and Sydney most recently within the field of Future of Work and the evolving technological impacts on workplaces and people. Between 2016 – 2018 Fabienne co-founded Cuckooz and Cuckooz Nest, two of London’s most dynamic start-ups.

This year Fabienne has been shortlisted for “Hotelier of the Year” Award 2019, alongside Charlie (fellow co-founder) for their outstanding contribution to the hospitality industry.


NOW: Pensions were so impressed with the work the team had done, we decided to visit Cuckooz Nest in person to meet their team and see their work in action.

Watch our exciting crossover video with Cuckooz Nest below:

You can find out more about Cuckooz Nest on their website.


Spotlight: Mums’ challenges going back to work

Watch our interesting video on some mum’s challenges in going back to work below:

NOW: Pensions has a good technical infrastructure combined with a pension product suitable for our team. We couldn’t be happier with NOW: Pensions.
Martin Woods,