How to hire the right people for your small business

Employing the right staff is crucial for any business. Employees represent the company, and can make or break a customer experience. Great performers are essential for your growth, and to help you meet your business goals. But how can you determine the sort of person you need? How can you make sure that the person you’re interviewing, is the right fit for your business?

Some questions to consider when hiring new staff:

Start by thinking about your business strategy. What are your goals, and how are you going to reach them? You need to find someone who will understand your vision, and help you to work towards it.

What gaps do you have? Look for someone who will complement your existing skillset, bringing something new. You don’t want everyone to have the same personality, either. If you’ve already got a few introverts in your team, maybe you’d benefit from someone extroverted or vice-versa.

Are you willing to provide training and career development? Or do you want someone who’s already an expert? Who can you afford? Are the most experienced people out of your budget?

What does your brand look like? Think about the culture and values of your business, the perception your customers have of you, and where you want this to develop. You want someone who will fit in, build a good relationship with all stakeholders, and continue to provide the kind of service your customers are used to.

How to attract the right people to your small business:

Think about what your potential candidates will be searching for in their job hunt. What keywords might they input when looking for the role you’re advertising? Make sure these are included in your advertisement so that you attract the right people.

Write a clear, concise description that highlights what you’re looking for, both in terms of the day-to-day duties, but also the type of person you need to fit in with your values and culture.

Remember you need to impress them, too. It’s not just about checking that they’re right for you – are you right for them? What can you offer? Why should they want to come and work with you? It’s not just about the salary. Are you providing a rewarding work environment? Hopefully yes, so make this clear to your applicants.

How can you be sure you’ve got the right person?

It can be hard, with only a few pages of CV to read, and an hour or two interview time, to be sure that your candidate meets all your requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask them to complete a short piece of work or demonstrate their skills in some way. Ask questions that require them to provide examples of past experiences and consider bringing another member of staff in to chat informally with them; another opinion could be really helpful.

Making the decision

Once you’ve met a few candidates, you’ll have a better feel for the type of person you want, taking the above into consideration, and who is right for the company. Find the best match in terms of skillset and attitude, and you’ll have an employee who contributes towards your future success!


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