NOW: Pensions is…

…an experienced pensions provider. We’re new to the UK, but not new to pensions. NOW: Pensions is replicating ATP’s ethos of providing pensions to virtually the entire Danish working population for the past 45 years. ATP has a long-standing track record of delivering solid performance to their 4.7 million members. They have consistently achieved a rate of returns significantly higher than the average for the Danish and UK pensions industries, and ATP is our fund manager.

We base our business on three principles:

Simplicity – pensions needn’t be complicated. We keep things simple for you by helping you manage the administration and making sure our systems work in harmony with yours. We keep things simple for your employees by making it easy for them to enrol, make transfers in/out and monitor their pension pot.

Transparency – you will be able to see what we’re doing. We have no hidden fees, no complicated investment choices, just three funds, a low administrative fee and a straightforward auto enrolment process.

Accountability – our investment managers know who they’re working for. You. Our governance procedures include an employer forum that represents members’ interests. It’s their job to check up on us and let us know how we can do things better. So our members know their money is in safe hands.

For more about NOW: Pensions offering visit our website.

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