Saving more in retirement

1. Put more money into your pension
If you put more money into your pension pot by increasing your monthly contributions, you’ll have more when you retire. The extra money you put in will be invested too, giving it the opportunity to grow. These extra payments are known as Additional Voluntary Contributions.

You could also get more tax relief, meaning money that would usually go to the taxman, instead, goes into your pension savings.

2. Start taking your money later
You might start taking your money after the age of 67. This would mean your money is invested longer, giving it more time to grow. You could also decide to carry on working after your 67th birthday and continue paying into your pension so you’d have more money in your account, and it would continue to be invested.

Find out more about your options at retirement. For free and impartial guidance about your pension savings, visit the Pension Wise website.

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