Our funds

Our funds
When you and your employer pay contributions into our pension Scheme, you expect us to investment them wisely for your future. Taking care of your money is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our approach to investment has been developed to deliver good value and secure positive outcomes over the long-term. We aim to achieve this by looking to maximise returns relative to the risk taken.

During the early and middle phases of your pension journey, your contributions are invested in our Diversified Growth Fund. This continues until you start approaching retirement. The Diversified Growth Fund’s objective is to provide stable growth over the long-term.

As you begin to approach retirement, your funds (and ongoing contributions) are gradually switched into the Retirement Countdown Fund. The Retirement Countdown Fund is less exposed to market volatility, so reduces the level of risk within your pension fund.

If you want to know more about our investment policy, please see our Member’s Guide to Investment or our Statement of Investment Principles.

NOW: Pensions has a good technical infrastructure combined with a pension product suitable for our team. We couldn’t be happier with NOW: Pensions.
Martin Woods, SALT.agency