Tech tools to help run your small business

Running a small business can be tricky; you might not have a large team of people to cover all the functions that need to run smoothly from day to day. That’s where third party technology tools can come in. They can save you time, allow you to be more efficient and provide a better service to your customers – and they won’t break your budget.

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We have compiled a list of great companies that provide services you may find of help, so you can find the solutions you need:

Wunderlist – Manage projects with your team

Wunderlist describe themselves as ‘the way to get stuff done’. It’s essentially a ‘to do’ app, but with some really great features to help you manage multiple work projects, which can be shared with your colleagues. You can set reminders, assign tasks, and communicate on your projects in one place. Users boast greater efficiency and a reduction in emails as some of the benefits.

Slack – An internal communication network

This is a great way to communicate, and performs just like a social network: you can start discussions between teams, on set projects, or any topic you wish. It allows you direct messaging options and offers video call functionality. You can also share files, and sync with other applications like Google Drive or Drop Box.

Evernote – Capture ideas and access them on any device

The great thing about Evernote, is that it syncs your notes between all your devices – your phone, tablet, computer… have a moment of inspiration on a Sunday afternoon? No problem! Make a quick note, and you can access it at work on Monday morning. Want to write a to do list, add a photo, or share your ideas with your colleagues? Evernote allows all this functionality. You can even make hand-written notes.

Powwownow – free conferencing services

If you have remote workers, or need to pitch to clients in far-away places, you’ll know that traveling to meetings can be expensive.

Conferencing services can cost a lot, but Powwownow offer a high-quality free service, including screen sharing and international calling. The only cost is the cost of the call itself. You can dial in via your mobile devices, too.

Go Cardless – Take recurring payments from your clients

Many small businesses struggle with direct debits. Go Cardless cuts down on your admin, and helps you to improve cashflow issues. They can integrate with the systems you already use, making it easy to set up.

Whether you’re new to direct debits, or already using them and want to make life easier, they offer many options and have experts on hand to get you set up.

Xero – Cloud accounting and online bookkeeping

Xero offer online software that allows you to link up your bank account, raise invoices, get paid by your customers, and run your payroll – in short, track everything you need. You can create purchase orders, log expenses, and reduce the time you spend on accounting.

PayPal – Make it easy to get paid

You mightbe familiar with PayPal as a way to pay for your online shopping, but have you thought about using it in your business?

As well as the website check-out options you’ve seen before, PayPal also offer the option to take money in person via a mobile device, or even via invoice. They have become a trusted brand, so you know your customers will feel safe and secure providing their card details.

Quickbooks – Accounting software that saves you time

Offering online accountancy that allows you to track invoices, outgoings, expenses and more, Quickbooks can make your accounting far more straightforward. No accounting experience is required, so if you don’t have resource to manage your finances, this can be a great tool.



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