Pension pot consolidation – an unexpected long term revenue opportunity

It’s true that there are many great benefits for your clients to consolidate their pension pots into one workplace pension scheme provider – especially when it comes to maximising their retirement savings. It may be a frequent conversation you already have whilst working with them and discussing their transfer options, but there could be a couple of missed opportunities. This includes discovering individual wealth clients and the prospect to build stronger business relationships with this network of clients too.

Pension pot consolidation

The advantage of consolidating your pension pots with NOW: Pensions

This is where NOW: Pensions can help you. In fact, at NOW: Pensions we believe we are the only Master Trust to actively help advisers to access the workplace pension transfer market profitably and this won’t cost you a penny more.

In fact, for many advisers, we have the ability to facilitate all or part of your adviser charge from the fund being transferred into the NOW: Pensions Trust.

You can discover more about how our adviser transfer proposition works by clicking here, contacting your Regional Partnership Manager or calling 0330 100 3336.

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