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We often hear the phrase: “my workplace is my second home!!” usually from work colleagues who feel like they’re spending more time at work than they are in their own homes.

To an extent, this rings true, as on average, workers spend 99,117 hours at work in their lifetime – that’s the equivalent of 11.5 years!

In an effort to address work/life balance, employers increasingly look at ways to enhance working life, typically offering a range of perks and benefits mixed with a decent basic salary.

We love hearing from our clients so, when we were contacted by, Technical SEO specialists, we were keen to know what they do to go the extra mile to keep their employees happy…

Martin Woods, SEO Consultant & Director at says:

“Here at, we truly value each member of our team, and this is reflected in each business decision we make.  Thanks to this attitude, our employee perks are fully integrated into our way of life – from our team building days, to a complimentary half day holiday on staff birthdays and our bicycle discount scheme.”

“Our business has grown from a small core team to 12 specialist consultants in just three years, so it is also important to have everything in place when the team expands.

“Looking after our team, not just today but tomorrow, is something we believe in at SALT and is one of the reasons we set the business up in the first place. Having a robust pension provider is a key aspect of this planning for the future. In addition to pensions, offers ongoing support and training to develop individual careers while working to ensure technical SEO campaigns thrive.”

As with all decisions that affect our team, choosing a pension provider for the company was not taken lightly. In fact, the selection process was rigorous, as it is the kind of thing you need to get right first time.

Martin Woods continues:

“Finding a workplace pension solution that had an easy initial set up which integrated with our payroll software was really important to us, as it enables us to keep on top of our auto enrolment duties on an ongoing monthly basis.

“Based on comparing multiple solutions on the market, NOW: Pensions had a good technical infrastructure combined with a pension product suitable for our team.”

“We couldn’t be happier with NOW: Pensions. Each month we simply upload a CSV file to NOW: Pensions Gateway, using the export feature on Kashflow, and their intelligent system then matches the corresponding data to the account. We have also found the Customer Service Team to be clear and helpful, which is certainly a bonus. So now the team has one more benefit – the chance of a comfortable retirement.”


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