Employee benefits your staff will appreciate

We’ve all heard the saying “work to live, don’t live to work”, but it’s often easier said than done. On average people spend 99,117 hours at work, in their lifetime – that’s the equivalent of 11 and a half years, the average UK worker spends around one third of their working life feeling stressed.

So how can employers help alleviate these everyday pressures and make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be?


Our research reveals that when it comes to benefits, young job hunters prioritise holidays (71%), bonuses (47%) and maternity pay and leave (33%) behind pensions (31%).

In contrast, those aged over 55 have most interest in the quality of the pension (61%) but still put it second to holiday (68%). But, growing numbers of employers are going beyond the obvious to try and attract the best talent. Take a look at five outstanding examples of ‘’added extras’’, from a range of top UK based companies for some inspiration!

A MASSIVE amount of money when you join – Software company Huddle gives employees a £5,000 joining bonus called the ‘’huddle cuddle’’, as well as a gift worth £500 every year.

The traveller in you – UK based Transfer Wise offer an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic island for their staff each year.

Free food and drink! Jive Software offers all staff free food including bacon Thursday and hot food Friday. Healthy snacks, free drinks and beers on tap are standard!

Ultimate flexibility – Visual Soft offers unlimited holiday time and unmonitored flexitime, allowing staff to take any time off that they need.

For those who wish to give back to their community – The Body Shop offers to pay for five staff to volunteer around the UK each year.

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