Case study | Metro Surveillance Group Ltd

Metro Surveillance Group Ltd has 21 employees and have been protecting businesses, homes and sites for over a decade. They are based in Cookstown Northern Ireland and are at the forefront of CCTV design, installation and maintenance. They currently have CCTV Systems installed in every city throughout the UK and Ireland including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Dublin.

We recently asked Metro Surveillance Group Ltd a few questions to find out how their auto enrolment journey has been with NOW: Pensions so far.

Describe your company’s journey towards auto enrolment compliance – what did you find easy and/or difficult?

I found your company very helpful in answering all my questions and giving me all the information I required to make an informative decision about our company pension.

During your search for the perfect workplace pension provider, what were the main criteria that you wished the solution to cover in order to ensure your business needs were catered for?

An easy transition as possible and answers to my queries quickly.

What made you choose NOW: Pensions overall apart from the competition?

Staff were very helpful. Sent me information I required, this made the decision easy.

Describe your selection process and what you found most attractive at NOW: Pensions and its auto enrolment pension scheme?

I emailed companies whom Sage partnered with and waited for a response. NOW: Pensions phoned and talked me through it so they were always going to be ahead of the others who only responded by email.

Describe the solution that you’re provided with by NOW: Pensions, what it is, how it works?

Five contribution models allowing flexibility, an easy to use portal with step by step guidance, and statutory communications all handled for you. As well as ongoing support throughout the process with a dedicated support team, online chat and screen share.

What are the three words that would describe your experience when dealing with NOW: Pensions?

Favourable, happy, trusting

And finally, would you recommend the NOW: Pensions solution to your peers?


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