Case study | Bromborough Paint & Building Supplies Ltd.

Bromborough Paint & Building Supplies Ltd was founded in 1948 by Harry Wellings, the company began by selling paint and wallcoverings from a modest local corner shop. Over the years, the business has gone from strength to strength and is now the largest independent decorator’s merchant in the North West, with branches covering areas from Shrewsbury in the West, to Carlisle in the Lake District, employing 117 people.


We asked Bromborough Paint & Building Supplies Ltd a series of questions about their auto enrolment journey and the service they have received throughout. Here is what they had to say:

Describe your company’s journey towards auto enrolment compliance – what did you find easy and/or difficult?

Auto enrolment with NOW: Pensions was very easy. From the initial set up, which does take time to do, the monthly processing was quite simple and importing works very well and efficiently.

During your search for the perfect workplace pension provider, what were the main criteria that you wished the solution to cover in order to ensure your business needs were catered for?

Our broker recommended NOW: Pensions to us, as they believed it would be our best option. We have not been disappointed, there customer support teams are great and are available whenever needed.

Describe the solution that you’re provided with by NOW: Pensions, what it is, how it works?

Easy monthly import.

During implementation of the solution, what problems developed and how did NOW: Pensions help you to resolve these problems?

The initial format of the spreadsheet for import was rather difficult to set up. We contacted the customer support teams and they provided us with a useful template and away we went, simple.

What are the three words that would describe your experience when dealing with NOW: Pensions?

Great, friendly, helpful.

Outline the specific results and benefits the client achieved by implementing the solution:

Ease of use.

And finally, would you recommend the NOW: Pensions’ solution to your peers?



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